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Tender Shell

Tender Cover
Section Introduction Page
Section Introduction Page

Tender Shell Design


Albacore are a business catering company who, in their own words, ‘regularly punch above their weight’. The company provides in-house catering for a range of corporate business offices that include international banks and high-profile food and drink brands like Glenmorangie.
The company wanted to improve the presentation of their tender documents while retaining the capacity to collate the material in house. We created the design of a ‘tender shell’ that combined page text and menu design templates in Word with generic information and section tabs in PDF that can be printed digitally as and when required, creating a versatile and cost effective solution… that looked good too.


Front and Back Cover Template

12 x Generic Section Introduction Pages

4 x Generic Introduction Pages

3 x Menu Templates (Word)

Hospitality Folder Template

Text Template (Word)

Want to know more? Then just drop me a line or give me a call on 07951 892668.

Hospitality Folder
Menu Template
Section Introduction Page
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